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Java Interview Guide - 200+ Q&A

Ranga Karanam
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Preparing for Java Interview is tricky. You would need to get a good understanding of new features and revise concepts you used in your preparation. This course helps you prepare for Java Interview with hands-on code examples covering 200+ Java Interview Questions and Answers on varied range of topics.

Is this course for me?

This course is for Students who are learning Java, Students who are planning to attend Java Interviews, Students who want to add more depth to their Java Knowledge.

What will I gain from this course?

Topics covered in the course will be Java Platform, Wrapper Class, Strings, Object oriented programming basics, Advanced object oriented concepts, Modifiers, conditions & loops, Exception handling, Collections, Advanced collections, Generics, Multi threading, Functional Programming - Lamdba expressions and Streams and New Features.

How do I prepare before taking this course? Is there a prerequisite skill set?

Familiarity with Java and any Java IDE, In the course, we use Eclipse to demonstrate examples. Some Java IDE will be useful. Access to Github Repository.

  • Lesson 1

    Three Things You need to Know

  • Lesson 2

    Course Overview

  • Lesson 3

    Java Popularity and Platform Independence

  • Lesson 4

    Compare JDK vs JVM vs JRE

  • Lesson 5

    Differences between C++ and Java

  • Lesson 6

    Java Classloaders

  • Lesson 7

    Wrapper Classes

  • Lesson 8

    String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder

  • Lesson 9

    Object Basics - Class, Object, State and Behavior

  • Lesson 10

    toString method

  • Lesson 11

    equals and hashCode methods

  • Lesson 12

    Inheritance, Method overloading and Method overriding

  • Lesson 13


  • Lesson 14

    Abstract Class

  • Lesson 15

    Constructors - this() and super()

  • Lesson 16

    Do not forget to do Exercises

  • Lesson 17

    More Object Oriented Programming Concepts

  • Lesson 18

    What is Coupling?

  • Lesson 19

    What is Cohesion?

  • Lesson 20

    What is Encapsulation?

  • Lesson 21

    Inner Class and Static Inner Class

  • Lesson 22

    What is an anonymous class?

  • Lesson 23

    Access Modifiers - public, private, protected and default

  • Lesson 24

    Final method, variable and class

  • Lesson 25

    Static variables and methods

  • Lesson 26

    Simple Puzzles on conditions and loops

  • Lesson 27

    Exception Handling - try, catch and finally

  • Lesson 28

    Checked and Unchecked Exceptions

  • Lesson 29

    Throwing an Exception

  • Lesson 30

    Creating Custom Exceptions

  • Lesson 31


  • Lesson 32


  • Lesson 33

    Variable Arguments

  • Lesson 34

    Asserts and Garbage Collection

  • Lesson 35

    Static and Member Initializers

  • Lesson 36


  • Lesson 37

    Collection Interface Hierarchy

  • Lesson 38

    Collection & List Interface methods and classes - ArrayList, Vector & LinkedList

  • Lesson 39

    Set interfaces and implementations - HashSet, LinkedHashSet and TreeSet

  • Lesson 40

    Map interfaces and implementations - HashMap, LinkedHashMap and TreeMap

  • Lesson 41

    Queue interfaces and implementations - Deque and BlockingQueue

  • Lesson 42

    Collection Code Examples

  • Lesson 43

    Concurrent Collections - CopyOnWriteArrayList

  • Lesson 44

    CompareAndSwap, Locks and AtomicOperations

  • Lesson 45


  • Lesson 46

    MultiThreading - Need for Threads and Creating Threads

  • Lesson 47

    Thread states, priority, ExecutorService and Callable

  • Lesson 48

    Synchronization of Threads. join, wait, notify and notifyAll methods

  • Lesson 49

    Functional Programming Examples - Streams and Lambda Expressions

  • Lesson 50

    Functional Programming Questions and Answers

  • Lesson 51

    Java New Features - Java 5, 6, 7 and 8

  • Lesson 52


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Ranga Karanam

I'm Ranga Karanam, an Architect with 15 Years of Java programming and design with major banking clients across the world. We started in28Minutes with the aim to create Hands-on Courses with Real World Projects. Step-By-Step series of Courses is one of our creations.We use Problem-Solution based Step-By-Step Hands-on Approach With Practical, Real World Application Examples.While our primary expertise is on Development, Design & Architecture of Java & Related Frameworks (Spring, Spring MVC, Struts, Hibernate) we are expanding into the front-end world (Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular JS)

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