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GMAT Problem Solving - Solved and Explained

Loony Corn
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The Problem Solving questions on the GMAT are the easiest on the test - which puts the pressure on you, the test-taker, to nail them all. The adaptive nature of the GMAT makes easy questions hard. Why this paradox? Because when you get an easy question, the pressure is on you to nail it - and nail it fast. If you miss on an easy question, the adaptive GMAT will relegate you pretty quickly to a lower tier score. And trust me, the pressure this puts on you can often lead you to get an easy question wrong. This is the paradox of the easy-but-hard questions on the GMAT. Problem-solving questions, unlike data sufficiency questions, are very predictable indeed. So - don't fear them. Adopt a methodical, workmanlike approach to these questions, and you will get them right with a minimum of fuss. That's what this class will help you do. Oh, and quick mathematical shortcuts are a big contributor to success on the GMAT. Use these shortcuts to solve questions in record time, or to confirm an answer you already arrived at using a more conventional technique. This course covers loads of such mathematical mnemonics.

Is this course for me?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer-adaptive test that is conducted to assess the analytical, reasoning, quantitative, writing and verbal skills of aspirants who aim to take admission in graduate level management programmes in top business schools across the globe. If you are seeking to take admission for any top global institutes, this is must course for you.

What will I gain from this course?

65 high-quality problem-solving problems, original, and prepared to span the range of such questions on the GMAT. 5 hours of step-by-step reasoning, so you can learn to think like the test-setters. Visual highlights so that you really get why alternatives are right or wrong.

How do I prepare before taking this course? Is there a prerequisite skill set?

No prerequisite skill set is required. Your dedication and hard work is all what is essential to excel.

  • Lesson 1

    Three friends and their savings

  • Lesson 2

    Problem of divisibility

  • Lesson 3

    Two cars meet on the track

  • Lesson 4

    Choosing four fruits

  • Lesson 5

    The acceleration of a car

  • Lesson 6

    A classic student problem

  • Lesson 7

    Playing children create a problem

  • Lesson 8

    Pieces of pipe lay still for our counting

  • Lesson 9

    The relationship of a,b, c - Problem?

  • Lesson 10

    Rectangle gives us the area of a square

  • Lesson 11

    The probablities of success

  • Lesson 12

    The problem of a picture

  • Lesson 13

    Figuring out the angles in a figure

  • Lesson 14

    Bags and shoes sit in a box

  • Lesson 15

    A shop, its customers and their choice of offers

  • Lesson 16

    A and B get down to business

  • Lesson 17

    The journey of 4 people in 4 seats

  • Lesson 18

    The strange population of a town

  • Lesson 19

    Power struggle with A and B

  • Lesson 20

    Ways to unite a, b and c

  • Lesson 21

    The problem of increasing production

  • Lesson 22

    Students may come and students may go, the weight goes on forever

  • Lesson 23

    A horse and a car compete for speed

  • Lesson 24

    Crossing tracks of two trains

  • Lesson 25

    Mixture in a tank

  • Lesson 26

    Fruits in a crate

  • Lesson 27

    A small value of X

  • Lesson 28

    Choosing between engineers and managers

  • Lesson 29

    Trading boxes

  • Lesson 30

    Two machines compete

  • Lesson 31

    A huge discount is up for grabs

  • Lesson 32

    Assigning value to an expression

  • Lesson 33

    A triangle inside a square

  • Lesson 34

    Ageing is an age old problem

  • Lesson 35

    X wants to know its value

  • Lesson 36

    x,y,z are equal a,b,c or not

  • Lesson 37

    Interchanging digits

  • Lesson 38

    Yet another divisibility problem

  • Lesson 39

    Lights on a football field

  • Lesson 40

    Once there were two leasing agencies...

  • Lesson 41

    Triangles in a plane

  • Lesson 42

    The positive values of X

  • Lesson 43

    Y has a problem- let's help

  • Lesson 44

    The lazy worker wants more wages

  • Lesson 45

    Each fruit is worth a point

  • Lesson 46

    X and Y lost in the decimal points

  • Lesson 47

    Sam and Tam need to know their finances

  • Lesson 48

    Multiply or subtract?

  • Lesson 49

    Population growth needs to be in check

  • Lesson 50

    Whats cooking in the middle of X and Y

  • Lesson 51

    The greatest value of a factorial fraction

  • Lesson 52

    Percentage increases in the value of a number

  • Lesson 53

    X wants to be known in terms of Y

  • Lesson 54

    Two sets even their odds

  • Lesson 55

    What makes the statement true

  • Lesson 56

    The line passes through

  • Lesson 57

    Find Y, but there are conditions involved

  • Lesson 58

    How long can an integer be?

  • Lesson 59

    Dividing a square is not easy

  • Lesson 60

    A window and its trims need help

  • Lesson 61

    Comparing salaries is a problem

  • Lesson 62

    Summing a sequence

  • Lesson 63

    The connection between X and Y

  • Lesson 64

    The greater of three primes

  • Lesson 65

    The radius meets the tangents

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Loony Corn

Loonycorn is comprised of four individuals—Janani Ravi, Vitthal Srinivasan, Swetha Kolalapudi and Navdeep Singh—who have honed their tech expertises at Google and Flipkart. The team believes it has distilled the instruction of complicated tech concepts into funny, practical, engaging courses, and is excited to be sharing its content with eager students.

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