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The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning, you’re not old.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The last time you felt like a student? Felt the enthusiasm of learning something new, expanded your horizons beyond what you think they are.

There must be something you always had an intense desire to learn but couldn’t really find the times or means? Say guitar, you do end up humming along songs quite often. Or was it playing a sport like squash or learning how to to skate. Hmm, maybe understand the buzz behind how twitter took social media by storm? Or maybe you just wanted to adopt healthy eating before running marathons.

Well, Skillzpot, an online learning platform, is just the place for you

Learn from experts, anywhere, anytime at affordable prices. Browse through courses ranging from nutrition, fitness, art & craft, self-development, lifestyle, dance, music, sports and many more. Don’t let the shackles of time, accessibility or awareness stop you from learning. We believe learning is self-fulfilment and is not restrictive to just professional skill enhancement.

Skillzpot aims to be a platform for experts of various fields to share their skills with aspiring learners across the globe.

We aim to empower them to reach a vast audience and also, generate a passive income with the courses they create.

This on-demand, anytime-learning ecosystem of learners and experts is an endeavour by a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with more than a decade of experience in finance, marketing, designing and development.

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  1. Is there an expert lying within yourself?
  2. Outline the course that you will like to teach
  3. We guide you with tools to create amazing courses
  4. Earn money while building your own brand and reaching out to large audience